About kPlaylist

kPlaylist makes your music collection together with your computer a fully featured streaming site. With kPlaylist you access your music via a web based interface.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's completely free. The project is released under the GPL (open source) and includes the full source and documentation. You can extend it, distribute and change it as you wish.


kPlaylist is released as a single script containing pictures, MySQL installation and upgrade routines. It also contains 27 language translations and stylesheet (CSS). The reason for this is to let you get started easily, and then, later if you decide to stick with kPlaylist, you can use the customizer to minimize and suit it to your needs.

What kPlaylist can do for you

  • Listen to your music collection from any computer while you're at work, on travel or at home.
  • Share your music with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Search for your music in the database and set up playlists of your taste or share them to others.
  • Use kPlaylist to publish music and video samples on your website.
  • Downsample your mp3 files, on-the-fly (using LAME) during streaming when you are on poor Internet connection.
  • kPlaylist supports and plays your mp3 (mpeg-3), ogg, wma, wav and flac files.