kPlaylist FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

01. Why is kPlaylist released as one single script?
The short answer is the simplicity for the user. By releasing the script as one file, you avoid potentially problems with permission, URLs, and if you want to get rid of the script is just by deleting one file. Easy to install, easy to get rid of. But, kPlaylist can also be downloaded in two other formats: Customized (single script chopped) or with all the .php files which is compounded as the single PHP script. For the latter, look at the misc downloads page.
02. Is kPlaylist legal?
kPlaylist is a system that makes music available over the web. How legal this is, depends on your authorities, in your own country. In some nordic countries for example, it's legal to share your own bought music with close friends. In some other countries this might be considered illegal. Thus, the responsibility to determine how legal your kPlaylist system is, is completely up to you.
03. Is kPlaylist secure?
kPlaylist is designed to be secure. In it's 6 years running, only a few minor security issues has been discovered. Immediately after these discoveries, a new build that corrected the issue were released.
04. What's the story of kPlaylist?
The first version of kPlaylist (v0.7) were released 18 feburary 2002 at freshmeat. The initial development of the project was in december 2001. The short answer for starting the project was that the author wanted to listen to his music collection from work.